Tofino Poet Laureate - Call for Submissions

Posted: June 4, 2018

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Tofino Poet Laureate - Call for Submissions

Poetry is being sought for a Clayoquot Sound project, in which poets evoke nuances of natural and/or artificial sound, together with an understanding of how these sounds affect the ecosystem and/or the writer.

The aim is to document—through the lens of poetry—the changing acoustic ecology of Clayoquot Sound and to consider the far-reaching impacts of sounds that are not historically natural. While it is important to consider obvious issues, the most humble sounds and their value are important.

Poems as long as 40 lines, as well as fragments and/or short poetic statements will be considered. Contributions will be assembled to form a pastiche, representative of the area. While this project has a documentary interest, a poetic approach is of foremost importance.

For more information please visit the Tofino Poet Laureate website.