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What Are the Rules for Fires in Tofino?

Camp/Beach Fires in Tofino:

Under the District of Tofino Outdoor Burning Bylaw campfires less than 24 inches in diameter are permitted on Mackenzie and Chesterman Beaches from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. as long as a fire ban is not in effect for the Coastal Fire Zone or put in place by the District of Tofino Fire Chief.  Campfires are not permitted on Cox Bay or Tonquin Beaches.

Campfires less than 24" in diameter are also permitted on private land (e.g. private homes, vacation rentals, resorts) as long as a fire ban is not in effect for the Coastal Fire Zone or put in place by the District of Tofino Fire Chief.

For clarity, if either the Province and/or the District of Tofino has put a fire ban in place, campfires are not permitted anywhere on public or private land in the District of Tofino.

See the graphic below for all Tofino campfire regulations.

All other open air burning is prohibited in the District of Tofino (i.e. backyard burning, construction waste fires, yard waste fires, etc.). 

For current provincial fire bans, restrictions, and regulations for the Coastal Fire Zone:

VIEW - BC Wildfire Service - Fire Bans & Restrictions

VIEW - BC Wildfire Service - Coastal Fire Centre Wildfire Information

VIEW - Campfire Regulations 

When Are Fire Bans Implemented and By Whom?

The decision of when or where to implement a fire ban is made by the regional fire centres depending on local fire hazards or dangers, the type of weather conditions forecasted and the type and level of fire activity being experienced.

Depending on conditions, Tofino's local Fire Chief may place additional campfire restrictions in the interest of keeping our community safe from fire danger.

Bans can also be implemented during critical fire situations, when the BC Wildfire Service cannot afford to risk having human-caused fires divert resources from naturally-caused ones. In these situations, fires present an unacceptable risk and detract from detection and response capabilities by increasing the number of ‘false-alarm’ smoke chases, wildfire phone reports and nuisance fires.

Fines & Enforcement

For more information on fines and enforcement of camp/beach fires in Tofino please see the District of Tofino Bylaws below:


Brent Baker
Fire Chief and Manager of Protective Services