Flood Mapping

Tofino's coastal landscape means that District is exposed to flood hazards from storms and tsunamis. These hazards are further heightened by climate change and rising sea levels.

In 2018, the District applied for and received funds from the Province of British Columbia through the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund to develop modern flood maps to support the goal of better understanding coastal hazards.

As a first step to becoming more resilient to future flooding, the District of Tofino has worked with Ebbwater Consulting Inc. and its partner Cascadia Coast Research Ltd. to develop a series of flood hazard maps that incorporate climate change. This information will be used to inform policy and planning instruments (flood construction levels, SLR Planning Areas, Hazard Development Planning Areas, etc.) with the goal of reducing community risk to coastal flooding.

Tsunami flood hazard modelling in this study focused on the Cascadia Subduction Zone rupture event, a megathrust earthquake that is considered a “worst-case” scenario for BC’s west coast. In addition to the report, an atlas of maps has been developed. 


In the Overview Report, you'll learn:

  • Why did we undertake this report?
  • What questions are we trying to answer?
  • How does Flood Mapping affect me?


2018 Workshop Materials:


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