Tofino Official Community Plan (OCP)

2019 Official Community Plan Update

The District of Tofino’s "Official Community Plan 2019" is officially underway.

Community Feedback Gathering

Vancouver Island University students and staff spoke with many community members over the weekend of May 5th/6th, 2018 in order to find out about their priorities for the Official Community Plan and Cox Bay Area Plan. We have already received about 100 completed surveys! If you couldn’t attend the events you can still have your say by completing the surveys available below which will be available for submission until May 18th. Afterwards staff will report back with what we heard and next steps. Stay in touch by subscribing to our District email list by sending notice to

There will be many other opportunities over the next 18 months to provide additional input on a wide variety of topics. Please keep your eyes and ears open for further opportunities to be involved in the development of this important bylaw.

Please review the FAQ below for more information about the OCP. Altneratively, you can contact Aaron Rodgers or Dana Hawkins anytime with questions like:

  • What is an OCP?
  • Why do we need an OCP anyways?
  • Where did you get that great hat?


2013 Official Community Plan Bylaw

Official Community Plan FAQ


An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a document that lays out community perspectives on the future of a town’s development. It is a legal document, a bylaw, and there are requirements around how the document is written and updated.

In conjunction with other plans and bylaws, the OCP is used as a guiding policy document for development in Tofino.


Municipalities in British Columbia have the authority to adopt an Official Community Plan through the Local Government Act. Legislation identifies the necessary components of these Plans, and establishes adoption procedures.

The current OCP was updated in May 2013 after an extensive public engagement process. The OCP Implementation and Monitoring Committee directed the update process.

Right now (2018), the District of Tofino is beginning another review of the OCP, with particular focus on the areas of Cox Bay and Industrial Way. Over the next 18 months, there will be multiple opportunities for the public to learn more and provide feedback. Stay tuned to District of Tofino communications channels (email list, website, social media).


From time to time, Council will consider amendments to the OCP Bylaw which may result in changes to this document. Users of this document will need to assume responsibility for making the necessary inquiries regarding these changes.

For more information, contact the Community Sustainability Department.


•Residential development required to meet anticipated housing needs over a period of at least 5 years;

•Present and proposed commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural, recreational and public utility land uses;

•Sand and gravel deposits that are suitable for future sand and gravel extraction;

•Land that is subject to hazardous conditions or that is environmentally sensitive to development;

•Major road, sewer and water systems;

•Public facilities, including schools, parks and waste treatment and disposal sites;

•Affordable housing, rental housing and special needs housing; and

• Targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

•Policies of the local government relating to social needs, social well-being and social development;

•Policies of the local government relating to the preservation, protection, restoration and enhancement of the natural environment, its ecosystems and biological diversity.

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