Water Information

This page contains information regarding daily water flows, water sampling reports, and other important information related to the District of Tofino water supply.

 See District of Tofino Water Use and Conservation Bylaw 1224, 2016 for information about the following:

  • Water Use Regulations
  • Water Conservation Stages 
  • Exemptions

Daily Water Flow Rates

The links below provide access to the daily water flow rates, in cubic meters, for the Bay Street Pump House and the Ahkmahksis Water Treatment Plant by year and month. 




Please contact us for archived Water Consumption data. 

Water Sampling Results

All water suppliers in British Colombia are required to  monitor  water that reaches consumers for total coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli (E.coli) regularly. The monitoring is one part of a comprehensive approach to safe drinking water.

  • The presence of E. coli in a water sample indicates that bacteria capable of causing illness may be present in the water system. 
  • The presence of total coliform bacteria may indicate a breakdown in the treatment process, or growth in the distribution system.

View District of Tofino Water Sampling Reports

Interpreting Sample Reports

Results of  drinking water sampling are reported using the following coding system:

  • L1    Less than 1 (no detectable bacteria) – Meaning: No bacteria present
  • OG   Overgrown – Meaning: Too many background bacteria to give an accurate count
  • EST  Estimated Count 
  • A      Sample not tested; Too long in transit
  • C      Sample leaked/broken in transit
  • D      Sample not tested; No collection date given
  • T      Sample submitted unsatisfactory. Exceeded   30  hours holding time, please resample.
  • NS   No sample received with requisition 

If you have questions or want more information regarding your water system, call your local Environmental Health Office.