Tuff City Underground
Street Art Aquatic Project

Location: Tofino Community Hall
Completed: January 2019

Photo Credit: Vanya Law

Tuff City Art Underground is a group of local and Vancouver Island youth who come together periodically to collaborate on art, music, and performance. TCAU is dedicated to advancing the arts in local culture by creating art that is technically advanced, intellectually and aesthetically stimulating, and appropriate and accessible to children and youth. 

The extensive marine themed scenes depicted on the generator celebrate the unique marine biodiversity of Clayoquot Sound. The work is meant to be interactive; viewers are encouraged to follow the tidal flow and circumnavigate the box, discovering the anthropomorphic mice and rats hidden throughout. These characters link the generator project to the underground West Coast street art culture which for several years has depicted small animals going about their business in local communities (visiting the library, riding the bus, kissing on concrete benches, or escaping from jail into local culverts). These mini scenes move street art into the realm of illustration, or 'static theatre', for the benefit of locals, especially local children and youth. The Art Aquatic project expands and centralizes this theme, and is a truly unique multi-narrative Tofino street art experience. 

Artist Bio

Vanya Law is the sole proprietor of Darling Art and Design. Since 2010, Vanya has been creating poignant street art in Tofino, Ucluelet, and Victoria. He has also been the major artistic designer for several local productions through PRAS, CBT, and the Municipality of Tofino.

Ellie Law is currently in Victoria studying General Arts at Camosun college. She was the manager of folk hip-hop fusion band Olin Oskinffaay and Peutis Profound for 4 years, overseeing the underground release of annual singles - Bathroom Sessions, Soft Sounds, Good in the Hood, and Moonlight Sesh. In early 2019 the band went bankrupt due to poor management; Ellie now writes her own songs.

Zac Eggert runs his own clothing design company Picnic. He does not like getting any cards for his birthday.

Ava Law works as an intern for the Raincoast Education Society. She loves dancing, art, working with the environment, and working with children. She is also a fashion icon.

Arwen Anderson is a manager at Discovery Coffee in Victoria and runs the Discovery Coffee Arts Collective.

Kate Waddell is a vegetarian rumored to moonlight as recording artist Olin Oskinfae. She mountain bikes, draws with pastels, and makes pottery for her grade twelve art class. She is getting an A.

Josephina Law is a remarkable artist in her own right - having completed her own street art project at the mere age of five.