Community Sustainability

The Community Sustainability Department is responsible for developing a wide range of plans for land use and other District initiatives. The Department is also responsible for processing applications for buildings and subdivisions, site preparation, land use changes and development proposals. Planning for the future needs of the community includes policies and plans for managing urban development. The Community Sustainability department responsibilities include:

Plannning and Development

The District of Tofino has an Official Community Plan that includes policies and plans at a general level. By following these plans and policies, Tofino can manage growth and change appropriately, so residents and businesses will have the amenities and infrastructure necessary for a safe and desirable community life.

Using these policies and plans as a guide, the Community Sustainability Department reviews proposed development projects and advises Council on how and where development should proceed, along with specific considerations, such as urban design, heritage and environmental protection, and servicing requirements. On subdivision, plumbing and building matters, department staff are responsible for approving applications as well as conducting inspections on construction to ensure consistency and conformance with legislation, District bylaws and Council policies.

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Note: Building Inspection Services are provided by the ACRD. To make an appointment with the Building Inspector, please contact the Municipal Hall.

Parks and Recreation Programming

The Parks and Recreation Program contributes daily to provide leisure opportunities to meet the recreational and health needs of Tofino residents. Through delivery of worthwhile leisure experiences, the Tofino Parks and Recreation Programmers strives to improve and promote healthy lifestyles along with an appreciation for surrounding parks, surf and beaches.

The Parks and Recreation Leisure Program offers not only a variety of programs for children and youth within Tofino, but also active living and wellness opportunities for adults and seniors. The Leisure programs are generally organized activities that aim to meet a wide variety of recreational, social, educational, athletic and cultural interests, and are delivered in response to community need and interest.

In addition to the Leisure Programs available, residents can enjoy a variety of outdoor areas for independent activities, such as exploring the local parks, skateboarding in the Skatepark, playing Tennis or Basketball at the Courts, ride the newly opened Mountain Bike Park, run the Multi-use Path (MUP), enjoy the local beaches and Trails, or visit the Pacific Rim National Park.

For more information, refer to Tofino Recreation Programs and Parks, Trails, and Beaches 

Emergency Preparedness

The District of Tofino offers emergency preparedness information to help residents and businesses become better prepared for a major emergency. Tofino is committed to providing leadership and guidelines to meet the challenges associated with emergency management. This includes preparation and planning of Response Programs to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, and to provide an effective response and recovery as much as possible.

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