Events, Arts, Culture & Heritage Advisory Committee

In keeping with the Artistic Expression and Vibrancy goal of the 2014-2024 Tofino Arts and Culture Master Plan (2013), the District of Tofino wishes to encourage an artful and culturally engaged community. In 2018, the District of Tofino commissioned the Arts, Culture, Heritage Action Plan (the Plan) to provide a road map for Tofino’s arts, culture and heritage sector.

In order to move the Plan forward, a three-year Events, Arts, Culture and Heritage Working Group was established to collaborate, coordinate and liaise with District of Tofino staff, providing community input and subject matter expertise on matters relating to the EACH sector.

The Events, Arts, Culture and Heritage (EACH) Committee formalizes the role of the Working Group into a select committee of Council in order to meaningfully engage with the arts, culture and heritage communities over the long-term, and use community expertise to target policies aimed at creating a more vibrant, engaged and accessible EACH sector.


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The purpose of the Committee is to provide advice and make recommendations to Council on matters related to events, arts, culture and heritage. In accordance with its general purpose, the Committee will undertake the following:

  • Review and recommend allocation of Arts, Culture and Heritage Grants;
  • Review and recommend allocation of Event Support Grants;
  • Provide input and recommendations to staff regarding event and arts support, investments in shared resources, and the implementation of the Arts, Culture, Heritage Action Plan; the Arts & Culture Master Plan; the Heritage Master Plan; and future District plans or strategies related to the EACH sector.
  • Comment on and advising Council and staff regarding Arts, Culture and Heritage Grant or Event Support Grant processes and policies.


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