Public Art Advisory Committee

The role of the Public Art Advisory Committee is to provide advice and make recommendations to Council on matters related to Public Art. In accordance with the Guidelines for Public Art Projects (Point of View, 2014), the Committee will undertake advising the District of Tofino on public art issues and trends relevant to the Public Art Program and Policy or related public art initiatives, advise and consult on specific issues, such as donations, proposals and commissions of work, and determine the type of competition to be held for a particular art project, and to review the Call to Artists and the Competition Brief.

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The Committee will meet a minimum of 3 times a year on the days and times specified in its regular meeting schedule to be established annually at the first meeting of the year.


Public Art Policy

Who We Are

The Public Art Advisory Committee will consist of 5 members who are experienced and/or trained in aspects of visual art. The Committee will reflect Tofino’s cultural diversity and geographic setting.
Membership will be determined as follows:

  •  One member of Council to serve as Chair
  •  In the absence of the Chair, one member of Council to serve as Alternate Chair
  •  4 community/stakeholder representatives from each of the following areas:
  •  2 x Visual Artists
  •  2 x Community Representatives

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