Parking in Tofino

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Parking Plan

The "Downtown Core Parking Plan" was approved by Council in June 2015 after consultation with the community through the Downtown Parking Review and the Zoning Bylaw Review. The plan aims to strike a balance between the needs of all user groups; providing clarity and an equitable framework for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

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Pay Parking

Pay Parking is in effect May to October of each year in the Municipal Lots (RV and Vehicle) adjacent to the Municipal Office at 121 Third Street.

See the Parking Map for all Pay Parking Lots.


RV Parking

In order to maintain safe and effective traffic circulation and roadway visibility downtown, on-street Recreational Vehicle (RV) parking is limited in the downtown core.

To meet the needs of our visitors arriving by RV, the District of Tofino has created a dedicated off-street parking lot on Campbell Street next to the District Office in downtown Tofino. 

Appropriate on-street RV parking is located in  areas located just outside of the downtown core. Follow the directional signage as you enter the District of Tofino.

Please see the Parking Map to see all on-street and off-street (pay) RV Parking areas.



Offshore Permits

To ensure that offshore residents and communities have access to parking, the "Downtown Core Parking Plan" increased the number of offshore permit spaces and provides clearly signed areas for Offshore Permit Only parking in the downtown core.

Please see the Parking Map for all Offshore Permit Areas.


To qualify for a permit, offshore residents must provide:

  • A current licence plate number; and
  • Proof of offshore residency* (current vehicle insurance documents or a current driver’s licence)

Visitors and persons who do not have a permanent offshore address do not qualify for parking permits.

*Other Forms of Proof Include: Current Lease or Purchase Agreements; Recent Telephone, Cable or Utility Bills; Recent Credit Card or Bank Statements. 

*Applying on Someone Else's Behalf: Please bring all necessary documentation (above).

*Contractors/Temporary Offshore Workers: Offshore communities have been issued a limited number of permits for temporary contractors/workers. Please contact the administration office for the relevant community for more information about obtaining a temporary permit while working offshore.


Offshore Permit Only parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Having a permit does not guarantee a space. If no Offshore Permit spaces are available, permit holders may park:

  • In any of the unrestricted parking areas throughout the District.
  • In time-limited parking spots, but only for the time specified.
  • In Pay Parking lots for the prescribed fee.

Offshore Permits do not allow vehicles to be parked beyond posted time limits or in pay lots without a valid ticket.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers make every attempt to maintain permit parking spaces for vehicles with valid permits only.  To make a Bylaw Complaint, please Click Here

  • There is no fee for Offshore Permits.
  • Permits must be visibly displayed – hung face-out on the rear-view mirror.
  • Permits are valid for one calendar year, from January 01 to December 31, and provide for unlimited time parking in permit designated spots.
  • Permits are not valid for unattached boat trailers.
  • Permits are issued to license plates registered to a specific person; they are not transferrable.