Grants & Funding

Funding projects for a better Tofino

There are many organizations and individuals in our community that have the vision and capability to make Tofino a more vibrant and sustainable town. The District of Tofino supports many of these projects and initiatives through different grants. The District also supports tourism-based infrastructure projects with funding it receives from the Province's Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI).

Together with the distribution of community grants and the RMI-funded projects, we're making great things happen!

Each year, the District of Tofino receives funding for tourism-based instastructure initiatives from the Province's RMI program.

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The District of Tofino offers financial grants in support of community-led projects and activities. They fall into one of the following three categories.

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Arts, Culture & Heritage Grant

The District of Tofino’s Council may make funds available annually to eligible applicants through the Arts, Culture and Heritage Grant.

Eligible Applicants Include:

  • Arts, culture and heritage organizations registered and in good standing as a non-profit society or charity in the Province of British Columbia.
  • Not-for-profit community organizations offering arts, culture and heritage programing that can demonstrate fiscal responsibility for the project.
  • Individual artists or small groups supported by a registered non-profit or charitable organizations.

Applicants must show how they meet the eligibility requirements of the policy to be considered for funding approval. Expenses that increase participation and awareness of arts, culture and heritage in Tofino, and the surrounding region, are considered eligible expenses and should align with the values and guiding principles of this policy. All eligible expenses must be used within 18 months of receiving funds.


There will be one intake of applications per annum that will be reviewed by the Events, Arts, Culture and Heritage (EACH) Advisory Committee. Based on the grant criteria, the EACH Committee will make a recommendation to Council on how to award funds. Council has final approval on how funds are awarded.

A copy of all ACH grant documents can be requested by email.

Successful applicants are required to submit a final report upon completion of the proposed project. A copy of the final report template will be emailed to all approved projects and programs.

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Event Support Grant

The District of Tofino recognizes that festivals and events are key assets used as an economic driver and offer unique arts and cultural experiences that improve the quality of life for residents and guests who visit.

The District of Tofino Council may make a limited amount of Resort Municipality Initiative funds available annually to eligible applicants through the Event Support Grant.

Eligible Applicants Include:

  • Organizations registered and in good standing as a non-profit society or charity in the Province of British Columbia.
  • Community organizations or individuals delivering a festival or event whose goal is collective, public or social in nature, and that can demonstrate fiscal responsibility for the project and have a proven track record of producing events for at least 2 years.
  • Individual producers or small groups supported by a registered non-profit or charitable organizations.

Council Grants

The District of Tofino recognizes that local not-for-profit community organizations are valuable resources in helping the municipality provide a strong community focus. The District of Tofino Council is making funds available for projects that will enhance the lives of local citizens and will award up to $2,500 per successful application. The second call for submissions for 2022 Council Grants is now open. Deadline to apply is July 31, 2022.

Eligible Applicants Include:

  • Not-for-profit community organizations operating within the District of Tofino.
  • Individuals or groups sponsored/supported by a not-for-profit community organization operating within the District of Tofino.
  • The signature on the application must be an authorized signatory and representative of the not-for-profit community organization.

All successful applicants will be expected to complete and submit an evaluation report, upon project completion. Download the evaluation form below.

Not sure if you qualify for a grant?

Have questions about what's involved and how to proceed? First check out the Funding Guidelines for the grants listed above. If you still have questions, email our grants department and they'll be happy to help!

Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI)

The Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) is a Provincial program that provides ongoing incentive-based funding to assist small resort-oriented municipalities in maintaining and growing a robust regional tourism economy. Since these municipalities typically have a small tax base due to their size, the demands of their tourism activity often strain the resources available to provide infrastructure and programming. RMI funding allows these communities to dedicate resources to improving tourism-based infrastructure and amenities which would otherwise be unachievable with their small tax bases.

Funding for the program is confirmed annually, based on accommodation business generated in the previous calendar year, and subject to approval by the Province.

RMI Program Funding Allocation

Tofino’s RMI funding allocations are guided by Tofino’s Resort Development Strategy (RDS). Developed with key partners from the tourism sector, the RDS identifies the long-term vision for tourism development in Tofino and details how Tofino intends to achieve this vision and the objectives of the RMI Program.

Projects Funded Through RMI

  • Downtown Vitalization
  • Mountain Bike Park and Trails
  • Improved Water and Beach Access
  • Special Events and Festival Support
  • Tofino Events Strategy
  • Tourism Master Plan
  • Seasonal Shuttle Service
  • Ambassador Program
  • Arts and Culture Initiatives