Mayor & Council

It all begins with Council

The District of Tofino Council is made up of the Mayor and six Councillors who are each elected at large for a four-year term.

Council is the governing body of the municipality, with each member responsible for considering the well-being and interests of the corporation and the community as a whole. As citizens of our community, you elect a Mayor and Council every four years, and it is these individuals who set/change policies, direct the priorities of the community, and oversees the District Staff in executing their directives.

If you want to see change, you start by having conversations with these people. And make sure you get to know your candidates before election time!


Correspondence to Mayor and Council

Submit Written Input

Correspondence to Mayor and Council can be forwarded to:

Tofino Municipal Office
121 Third Street
PO Box 9
Tofino, BC, V0R 2Z0

Correspondence can also be submitted by email directly to the Corporate Services Department.

Email Corporate Services

Your Mayor & Council

Dan Law

Mayor Dan Law

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Al Anderson

Councillor Al Anderson

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Jacky Challenger

Councillor Jacky Challenger

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Britt Chalmers

Councillor Britt Chalmers

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Duncan McMaster

Councillor Duncan McMaster

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Tom Stere

Councillor Tom Stere

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Cathy Thicke

Councillor Cathy Thicke

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