Property Tax

Together we fund great services

The District of Tofino sends property tax notices to all Tofino property owners annually, before June 1st. Property taxes cover the calendar year and are due the first business day after July 1st by 4 PM.

Municipal Property Tax Rates

District Council determines the budget it needs to provide services to residents and businesses. Each year in May, a Property Tax Rate is set to collect the necessary taxes to pay for the many important services provided.

Understanding Property Taxes

Property taxes are the District’s main source of revenue to pay for the services provided.

On your Property Tax Bill there are levies from the Province of BC for school taxes and for other regional bodies, including the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District, Regional Hospital District, BC Assessment Authority, Regional Library, Municipal Finance Authority, and Police. These taxing authorities determine the amounts payable, and the District collects on their behalf, remitting 100% of what is collected.

Changes in property values do not change the overall tax levy.

Council sets the overall tax levy annually by determining the revenue required from property taxes to cover the annual budget. The rates are then developed based on applying the overall budget amount proportionately; each of the nine property classes has a different tax rate.

Tax Deferment Programs are available through the Province of BC.

Property Tax Assessment

The British Columbia Assessment Authority (BCAA) is an independent organization that determines the value of all properties in British Columbia. When establishing the market value of a property, BCAA considers many factors, including size, layout, age, condition, location, neighbourhood and the value of recent sales of similar properties. All owners receive a Property Assessment Notice by December 31 each year.

The assessed value of your property as determined by the BCAA is used to calculate how much property tax you will pay. It is important to check all details on the Property Assessment Notice. If you have questions about your property assessment, please call BCAA to speak with an appraiser.

The deadline to file a Notice of Complaint (Appeal) is January 31 at:

BC Assessment, Vancouver Island Region
Toll Free: 1-800-825-8322
Fax: 250-754-1890 (Nanaimo Office)

Mailing Address:
#300 - 125 Wallace Street
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5B2