Fire Department

Tofino Volunteer Fire Department

Established in 1959, the Tofino Volunteer Fire Department (TVFD) provides fire protection and emergency services to the community of Tofino, as well as motor vehicle rescue along Highway 4. The TVFD maintains a mutual aid agreement for structure fires with the Ucluelet Volunteer Fire Brigade. The TVFD also provides fire protection to the Tla-o-qui-aht communities at Tin Wis, Esowista, and Ty-Histanis.

Volunteer Fire Fighters at TVFD are trained to the Full Service Level of the “Structure Firefighters Competency and Training Playbook”, are certified under the National Fire Protection Association 1001 Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications, and are licenced First Responders under the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board.

Mission Statement

To provide a quality fire/rescue service to our community and its visitors.

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The fire protection and emergency services delivered by the Tofino Volunteer Fire Department would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of volunteers within the community.

Interested individuals must be willing to commit substantial time and effort voluntarily for the greater good of the community.

The Recruit Training Program contains a mix of physically demanding hands-on training and technical classroom sessions that provide the students with basic firefighting fundamentals before becoming active members of our emergency response team.

Interested applicants can download a Volunteer Firefighter Application Form or obtain a copy at the District of Tofino Municipal Office. Applications can be submitted at the Municipal Office or Fire Hall.

We want to thank all applicants for their interest in volunteering. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Fire Department Officers

Fire Chief: Mark McKeough

Deputy Chief, Inspections & Training Officer: Damon Johnson

Captain: John Forde

Captain: Aaron Rodgers

Lieutenant: Robbie Ferguson

Lieutenant: Allan Pearson

Lieutenant: Neil Campbell

Lieutenant: Cody Peers

Tofino Fire Department Crew Photo 2023

Tofino Volunteer Fire Department, 2023

Damon Johnson, Deputy Fire Chief & Mark McKeough, Fire Chief

Left: Damon Johnson, Deputy Fire Chief | Right: Mark McKeough, Fire Chief


Fire Department Office:

250-725-3365 (non-emergency)
Email the Fire Department

In the event of an emergency, always call 9-1-1