Teamwork makes the dream work

The team here at District of Tofino is comprised of:

Corporate Services

  • Financial Services
  • Administration
  • Legislative Services
  • Communications

Community Services

  • Community Programs
  • Recreation & Culture
  • Child Care
  • Planning & Bylaw Services
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Fire Services

Infrastructure & Public Works

  • Public Works
  • Parks
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Labour
  • Utilities
  • Asset Management
  • Engineering


Legislative Services

Legislative Services provides a wide variety of support services for District departments. The Department coordinates Council and committees, records management, bylaw administration and provides information and communication support to the organization.

Financial Services

The Financial Services department provides support services to the municipality, maintains and communicates financial information to the public, Council, and staff.

Planning & Bylaw Services

The Planning department is responsible for developing a wide range of plans for land use and other District initiatives, such as the Official Community Plan. Additional responsibilities include Planning and Development, and Emergency Preparedness.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers promote community livability by maintaining the health, safety and general wellness of the community.

Planning & Bylaw Services

The Community Programs department oversees  Cultural initiatives and Recreation Programming. This department also oversees the Community Child Care Centre.

Infrastructure & Public Works

The Infrastructure & Public Works department, plans, implements and operates the water, sewer and storm drain systems to provide and sustain high-quality drinking water, dispose of sanitary waste and storm water, and manage other infrastructure, such as roads, parks, street lighting, and the district fleet.

Fire Services

The Tofino Volunteer Fire Department  provides a range of emergency response, fire prevention and fire protection services.