Bylaws & Policies

Frequently requested bylaws & policies

Bylaws and Policies inform how the District operates as a government body, while providing regulations, guidance and procedures to the community. On this page, you will find copies of frequently requested bylaws and policies. The electronic and consolidated versions of the bylaws and policies are made available for convenience only, and are updated by staff once they are adopted by Council.

To request official copies of District of Tofino bylaws or have a bylaw added to this page, please contact Municipal Hall by Emailing Corporate Services.

About Bylaws

Bylaws are adopted by Council during open Council Meetings and can include subjects like zoning and land use, signage, noise, parking regulations, licensing, fees and charges, property taxation and utility rates/regulation. Each bylaw must be read by Council three (3) times in an open and public meeting before it is adopted at subsequent meeting. Members of the public wishing to provide feedback, questions and/or ideas to Council regarding proposed bylaws are encouraged to participate in the bylaw adoption process as early as possible by connecting with department staff proposing the bylaw or participating in Council meetings.

About Policies

Policies are clear, simple statements about how the District intends to conduct its services, actions or business. Policies provide a set of guiding principles to help with decision making for Council and Staff, and are often accompanied by procedures that direct Staff on how to implement the policy.


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Liquor Control and Licensing Application Procedure and Fee



Neighbourhood Zero Emission Vehicle









Commonly Accessed Policies

Correspondence Policy

This policy is to ensure that electronic and paper correspondence received by the District of Tofino is distributed to its intended recipients so that it is acted upon in a timely manner, and appropriate record keeping policies are applied.

  1. All correspondence shall be circulated to the intended recipient. For clarity, Section 5 (Procedures) must be followed for all correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council, a specific position or department, or an individual.
  2. All correspondence received by the District of Tofino will be filed, tracked and dispositioned in accordance with District of Tofino records management policies and procedures. Official records will be filed and managed and transitory records will be securely disposed (refer to Appendix A and B for further details).
  3. When electronic correspondence is received from members of the general public, staff will respond to senders informing them to whom their inquiry has been directed. All other electronic correspondence (i.e. from an organization) will not require such a response.

Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP)

The Municipal Alcohol Policy aims to reduce potential harms at public events serving alcohol and promote inclusivity at events on public property.

This policy recognizes that responsible alcohol use on public property is based on the following foundational principles:

  • Community Health and Safety
  • Engagement and Support
  • Inclusivity


  1. To promote the health, enjoyment, safety, and inclusivity of events on District property.
  2. To be part of a broader dialogue and harm-reduction approach to alcohol-related issues in our community.