Business Licensing

Licence to Thrive

Any person planning to operate a business or a commercial activity must possess a valid business licence to work within the District of Tofino.

Before you apply, check zoning and bylaws

Ensure that the location of your intended business has the appropriate zoning by viewing zoning maps. When you have determined the zoning of your intended business, you may check the Zoning Bylaw to determine the uses permitted on the property.

Apply for a new business licence

  • Review the Zoning Map & Bylaws

    Before you start your application, review the Zoning Map and Zoning Bylaws to understand what kinds of business activities are permitted and where.

  • Download the required form

    You will need to download and fill out the following forms:

     - Business Licence Application Form

  • Prepare copies of supporting certificates from other government authorities

    Make copies of any necessary certificates from federal, provincial or municipal government authorities. You may be contacted for further documentation or to schedule an inspection if required.

  • Submit $73.44 Application Fee, completed application form and information sheet

    Submit your $73.44 application fee and Business Licence Application Form to the Municipal Office by hand or mail. This document, accompanied by a copy of all necessary certificates from federal, provincial or municipal government authorities, is then reviewed by the Tofino Business Licence Inspector. You will be contacted if additional information or an inspection is required. 

  • Wait for approval

    You will be notified of approval and have 30 days to complete the application process (see next step).

  • Upon approval, pay the Annual Business Licence Fee

    Upon Business Licence approval, applicants are then responsible for an Annual Business Licence Fee. Business regulations, licence classifications and associated fees can be found within the District of Tofino Business Licence Regulation Bylaw No. 1239, 2022.

Renew a Business Licence

All business licences expire on December 31 and must be renewed annually. To renew your business licence, please submit your Business Information Form for review, along with your annual payment as outlined in your previous year’s licence. Please ensure that every section on the Business Information Form is complete and that all information is accurate and up-to-date by making changes to the pre-printed information where necessary.

Note: Business licence renewals past due will be subject to a $73.44 late renewal fee and may be subject to additional inspection prior to approval.

Click here for the 2024 Business Classification & Fee Schedule

Sign permits

You'll need a permit for that sign! All businesses must ensure that they have applied for and received the proper sign permits for all business signage. Every business shall comply with all federal, provincial and municipal bylaws and regulations.