Parking in Tofino

Pay Parking

The District of Tofino has a mix of unrestricted and Pay Parking areas. Parking rules and restrictions are indicated by signs at the various locations. Drivers should follow all parking signage rules to avoid penalties and fines.


Downtown Pay Parking

The District of Tofino has expanded pay parking to the downtown core of Tofino 9AM - 6PM every day May 1 to October 15. Please obey all parking signs and restrictions.


Please obey signage. Downton Pay Parking is in effect every day from 9AM-6PM until May 1 to October 15 every year. Beach Pay Parking is in effect 8AM - 11PM every day throughout the year.

Tofino Parking Brochure (PDF)

Downtown Visitor Parking Map (JPEG)

Free Residents' Permits for Downtown Pay Parking

Annual Beach Parking Permits are now also valid at downtown pay parking locations. Eligible Tofino, Ahousaht, Tla-o-qui-aht, and Hesquiaht residents can register online for a free annual beach permit, while Ucluelet and other ACRD communities will receive a 50% discount on the annual pass. Existing annual beach parking permits also grant residents free parking in downtown pay parking zones. Annual Beach Parking Permits are now valid at downtown pay parking locations.

Downtown Resident Decals:

Downtown residents can additionally register for a resident decal to park on their block long-term and overnight. Register in-person at the Municipal Hall during office hours.

  • If you live in the downtown core, you can register for a downtown resident decal at the Municipal Office during office hours.
  • Bring ID and proof of address of your residence that is on or adjacent to a downtown pay parking location
  • Each unit residence is eligible for 1 decal for free and a 2nd decal for $150


Beach Pay Parking

Pay parking is in effect at Cox Bay at Maltby Road, public parking adjacent to Long Beach Lodge/Cox Bay Beach Resort, South Chesterman parking lot, Chesterman Beach Road, Lynn Road, North Chesterman parking lot, Osprey Lane, Thornberg Crescent, Hellesen Drive and Tonquin Park Road.

Beach Pay Parking Map (PDF)

Pay Parking Brochure (PDF)

Residents' Permits for Beach Passes

Eligible Tofino, Ahousaht, Opitsaht, Esowista, Hesquiaht and Tyhistanis residents can register online for a free annual permit, while Ucluelet and other ACRD communities will receive a 50% discount on the initial annual pass.

Beach Parking Permit Renewals

By Communications | October 18, 2022

Annual beach pay parking permits will expire on October 31, 2022. Permit holders are encouraged to renew existing passes prior to expiry to ensure permits are up to date.

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Pay Parking FAQs

Municipal Hall Surface Lots

Municipal Hall pay parking is in effect May to October of each year in the Municipal Lots adjacent to the Municipal Office at 121 Third Street.

Vehicles over 20 feet and trailers are NOT permitted in these surface parking lots at any time.

Parking Rates Effective May 1, 2020
Regular Vehicle Parking for 2 hours$2.75
Regular Vehicle Parking for 12 hours$10.00
Regular Vehicle Parking for 24 hours$12.50
Regular Vehicle Parking for 7 days$35.00
Regular Vehicle Parking for 14 days$65.00
RV Parking for 4 hours$12.00
RV Parking to 10 PM$20.00

Offshore Parking

Residents of offshore communities can obtain annual permits from the Municipal Office to allow vehicle parking in designated offshore permit parking areas / stalls.

Please see the Parking Map for all Offshore Permit Areas.

Qualifying for a Permit

To qualify for a permit, offshore residents must provide:

  • A current licence plate number; and
  • Proof of offshore residency* (current vehicle insurance documents or a current driver’s licence)

Visitors and persons who do not have a permanent offshore address do not qualify for parking permits.

Other Forms of Proof Include: Current Lease or Purchase Agreements; Recent Telephone, Cable or Utility Bills; Recent Credit Card or Bank Statements.

Applying on Someone Else's Behalf: Please bring all necessary documentation (above).

Contractors/Temporary Offshore Workers: Offshore communities have been issued a limited number of permits for temporary contractors/workers. Please contact the administration office for the relevant community for more information about obtaining a temporary permit while working offshore.

Offshore Permit Only Spaces

Offshore Permit Only parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Having a permit does not guarantee a space. If no Offshore Permit spaces are available, permit holders may park:

  • In any of the unrestricted parking areas throughout the District.
  • In time-limited parking spots, but only for the time specified.
  • In Pay Parking lots for the prescribed fee.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers make every attempt to maintain permit parking spaces for vehicles with valid permits only.

Rules and Regulations:

  • There is no fee for Offshore Permits.
  • Permits must be visibly displayed – hung face-out on the rear-view mirror.
  • Permits are valid for one calendar year, from January 01 to December 31, and provide for unlimited time parking in permit designated spots.
  • Permits are not valid for unattached boat trailers.

Permits are issued to license plates registered to a specific person; they are not transferable.

Offshore Permits do not allow vehicles to be parked beyond posted time limits or in pay lots without a valid ticket.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles, motorhomes and campers (over 20’ in length) are authorised to park in designated areas only, to improve safety for all users and reduce large vehicle traffic circulation. Please consider leaving your large vehicle out of town and instead, choose another active and alternative transportation option to travel to and around the village.

Designated RV parking zones are located in areas just outside of the downtown core on Gibson Street, Arnet Road, and at the Community Hall.

Vehicle Trailers

Any type of trailer parked in the District rights of way must be secured to a vehicle or parked where permitted on private property.  Parking of vehicles connected to trailers is authorised ONLY along Industrial Way.

Illegal Camping

Overnight camping (ie. overnight occupation of any parked vehicle OR other type of shelter) is strictly prohibited on public property throughout the District (ie. streets, boulevards, parking lots, beaches, parks or any other public spaces).

Employee, Commuter and Longer Stay Daytime Parking

Wherever possible, employees are encouraged to park on private property and along Gibson Road and side streets, west of Campbell Street.  Freeing up parking availability nearest Campbell Street and other business locations helps visitors get access to local businesses.

Drivers seeking to park for longer daytime stays (ie. greater than 4 hours) are encouraged to park in the surface parking lots at the Municipal Hall.

Logistic Vehicles and Deliveries

All delivery vehicles are to make stops and deliveries in authorised parking spaces only and are reminded to eliminate idling to safeguard public health.  Illegal parking and blocking travel lanes is not permitted and will likely create unsafe conditions for other road users.

Parking of unhooked commercial trailers is only permitted in accordance with provincial Motor Vehicle Act regulations AND local street parking rules.