Call for Applications: Accessibility Committee

September 22, 2023

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Tofino's Accessibility Committee

Do you have a desire to get involved in your community by contributing to Council’s decision-making processes and helping to shape municipal policy? If so, we encourage you to apply for a volunteer position on our advisory bodies. This year Council is introducing a brand-new Committee, devoted to accessibility: ⁠

The general purpose of the Committee is to provide advice and make recommendations to Council on matters related to accessibility within the municipal boundaries of the District of Tofino.⁠

The Committee will develop an accessibility plan to identify and prevent barriers to people with disabilities and will also develop a public feedback mechanism which establishes a process for receiving comments from the public on the accessibility plan and local barriers. ⁠


One (1) completed electronic or hardcopy application must be received before 4:00 PM [PST] on October 6, 2023. Late submissions will not be considered.

Membership Composition

The Committee must, to the extent possible, have members who are selected in accordance with the following goals: ⁠

  • At least half of the members are persons with disabilities, or individuals who support, or are from organizations that support, persons with disabilities; ⁠
  • Members reflect a diversity of persons with disabilities; ⁠
  • At least one member is an Indigenous person; and ⁠
  • Members reflect the diversity of persons in B.C. ⁠

This committee is seeking 4 community members. Applications are available online or from the District office, and are due Friday October 6, 2023 by online submission, mail, hand or e-mail to ac.onifot@secivresetaroproc

Posted on: Sep 22, 2023