Our wild and natural setting is at the heart of Tofino's recreation and community experience. The District of Tofino encourages residents and visitors to explore and enjoy all of our beautiful outdoor spaces, parks and natural areas.



Tofino’s Village Green is the main hub in town. The Village Green comprises a large green space, tennis courts, basketball courts, a kids playground, a skate park and a large covered gazebo. This park is located in the center of town, on the corner of Third Street and Campbell Street. In the summer the park is full of families, kids, grandparents and visitors. During the summer months Tofino’s local market sets up in the park on Saturdays, making it even more of a bustling stop over.


Photo Credit: Bryanna Bradley

The Village Green Play Structures:

KinsolPlay Log Climber and Parkour Course

Kinsol is a Vancouver Island based company specializing in timber structures.  KinsolPlay’s structures combine the themes of nature-based play and risky-play; two rapidly emerging trends in Canadian playground design.  KinsolPlay creates fully-compliant, safe spaces for children to play, where they can be the authors of their own self-directed adventures.

KinsolPlay’s playgrounds minimize environmental impacts by reducing the volumes of steel, plastic, concrete and other energy-intensive materials.  For good reason, sustainable design often focuses on durability, for the purpose of conserving resources. This means ensuring that a structure will last, as a result of careful material selections, performance connection detailing, and on-going care and maintenance. Also, designing with the specific intent that the structure can be renovated or rehabilitated without complete dismantling is an integral part to sustainable design. Recovering materials at the end of a building’s life rather than sending them to landfill is another way to extend material longevity—and wood is well suited to deconstruction and re-use.

The playground structure is made from durable and decay-resistant yellow cedar.  All of the wood used comes from sustainably harvested forestry sites in BC.

Kompan Robinia Explorer Ship

Photo Credit: Bryanna Bradley

KOMPAN’s natural robinia playground equipment creates a natural play environment encouraging children to interact with natural materials and structures. Life skills, be they motor skills, sensory skills, social skills, emotional skills or creative skills, are all trained voluntarily and in a fun way in good playgrounds.  Inclusive playgrounds have proven to be diversions for crime and vandalism.  Playgrounds unite people in play and include all abilities on a common social ground.

Robinia structures are designed with plenty of ground level activities accessible for all ages and ability levels. Certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines, the strong, durable, and rot resistant robinia wood is sourced sustainably, and, where painted, coated with environmentally safe products.  Robinia wood has a high content of naturally occurring preservatives, and doesn't need to be treated for rot in any way. The dense composition of the robina heartwood used makes it very resistant to splintering, humidity damage and water penetration.



Tonquin Park encompasses a number of beaches and over 3km of walking trails. The park is located in the town core and can be accessed from the trail head at the Tofino Community Hall. There are outhouse style washrooms at the Community Hall and Tonquin Park Road trail entrances but no facilities at the beach. Leave no trace and pack out what you pack in to help keep this natural park pristine.




Photo Credit: Mark McKeough


This mountain bike park is Tofino’s newest addition to it’s outdoor playground.  The park is located beside the Tofino Community Hall and includes a pump track, table top jumps, a learning area, ladder planks and other natural obstacles. The park is ‘use at your own risk’ so please think safety first when biking in the park. If you’re in Tofino with your bike the bike park is a fun stop for the whole family!




Tofino’s skate park has come a long way from the concrete pad and the plywood ramps that it used to be, thanks to the hard work and fundraising efforts of Tofino’s passionate community members. The skate park is one of the most well used parks in Tofino, whether you are a skater a scooter, a BMX’er or a bystander, the skate park offers entertainment value for everyone. The skate park is located in the Village Green on the corner of Third Street and Neill Street.




Commonly known as Anchor Park, this lookout point is located at the northern end of Third Street. It has a beautiful view over to Meares Island and is the site of several memorial benches and two picnic tables. A historic anchor is located in this area, along with a plaque giving background information on its origin. The park is connected to the walkway that lines Main Street, and is a lovely stop over for a quiet place to sit or enjoy lunch. On September 7, 2018 a Totem Pole, gifted by Joe David to the community of Tofino was raised in honour of the Tla-o-qui-aht Ha'wiih (Hereditary Chiefs).



This undeveloped parkland sits at the top of the Clayoquot View Estates subdivision on Lone Cone Road, and can be accessed off of Alberto Road. The park is in an elevated location providing excellent views across the harbour. The park currently consists of a large grassy field, two memorial benches and some newly planted trees.



Centennial park is centrally located on the corner of First Street and Arnet Road. The park is a great place to stop in the summer for a picnic or to run around and play on your way down to Tonquin Beach. Centennial Park has recently undergone upgrades and the park now includes a covered gazebo, a bocce court, horseshoe pits, a kids play structure and a two person swing. The park also has a wide and level walking path, making it a great place for seniors to enjoy as well.



This park is located at the harbour end of First Street and is locally known as the kayak launch. This is the only designated location close to Tofino’s centre providing public access for carrying kayaks to the water. Park amenities include a loading area, a concrete kayak launch, a stationary outdoor rowing machine, and several picnic tables. There is limited parking in the area and the loading area can be overcrowded during peak season. A historic anchor is also located in the park.

For information on Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, please visit the Parks Canada Website.