Water & Sewer Utility Rates Increasing July 1, 2024

Posted: Jun 28, 2024   |   By: Communications

Starting July 1, 2024, the District of Tofino will be implementing new Water & Sewer Utility Rates. These rates were approved by Council at the Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

Below are answers to some key questions to help you understand these changes and how they may affect you.

Why Are The Rates Increasing?

The rates are increasing to ensure the District has enough revenue to cover the costs of maintaining and operating our water and sewer systems, especially with the new Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will begin operating in September 2024.

What Do The Rates Pay For?

The rates cover the costs of:

  • Operating and maintaining the water and sewer systems.
  • Operations for the new Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is increasing the District's sewer utility operating costs by an estimated 89%, which was a change anticipated and approved in District financial plans since 2017.

How Are The New Rates Calculated?

Bills will be calculated using a combination of fixed and variable charges:

  • Fixed Charges: Based on the size of your water meter.
  • Variable Charges: Based on the amount of water you use. Higher usage will result in higher charges.

What Changes Should I Be Aware Of?

Key changes include:

  • Elimination of seasonal rates to provide stable revenue and cash flow throughout the year.
  • Increased fixed charges for larger water meters to better reflect their demand on the system.

How Will The Rate Increase Affect My Residential Utility Bill?

For an average residential home consuming between 50-75 cubic meters (m³) of water per quarter, the increase will be about $160 to $200 per year. Homes using less water (within 30 m³ per quarter included in the fixed charge component) will see an increase of about $100 per year.

How Will The Rate Increase Affect The Utility Bill For My Business?

Businesses will see varied increases based on consumption levels, with higher users experiencing a larger impact. Lower consumers, consuming approximately 50 m³ per quarter, will see an increase of approximately $225 per year. Major users, consuming between 2000 m³  and 7800 m³ in a quarter, could see an increase of approximately $3,000 to $20,000 in that quarter for water and sewer combined.

How Can I Reduce My Water And Sewer Bill?

You can reduce your bill by conserving water, especially during peak demand periods. Here are some tips:

  • Fix leaks promptly.
  • Use water-efficient appliances.
  • Install faucet aerators. Available for free at the District of Tofino Municipal Hall.
  • Limit outdoor water use.

For water conservation tips, visit the Water Conservation page.

Will The Rates Change Annually?

Yes, the rates will be reviewed annually to ensure they meet revenue targets and adjust for inflation and positive conservation results. Expect a 4% increase each January to keep up with projected inflation and expenditures.

How Can I Get More Information?

For more details on water & sewer utilities, including 2024 rate details, visit the Utilities page.

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