Council Meetings

Regular Council Meetings

Regular Meetings - Agendas, Minutes, Videos:

Special Council Meetings

Special Council meetings are held as needed to address emergent issues and those that require lengthy, substantive discussion on one item (such as the Municipal Budget). The District provides at least 24 hours notice of meeting, their general purpose, and the date and start time on the website, social media, and the bulletin board in the Municipal Office.

Special Council Meetings - Agendas, Minutes, Videos:

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole Meetings - Agendas, Minutes, Videos:

Special Committee of the Whole

Special Committee of the Whole Meetings - Agendas, Minutes, Videos:

Public Hearings

Public hearings allow affected citizens to provide their views to their elected representatives on planning and land use bylaws.

Participating in Zoom Meetings

To join a meeting online, you will first need to register by following the link to the specific meeting provided below. This step is to help ensure that participants are representing themselves truthfully and accurately online.  Once registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email that contains the link to join the meeting.

Video Recordings of Council Meetings

The District of Tofino is committed to conducting meetings in an open and transparent manner. The district invites the community to view recorded Council Meetings on YouTube or by using the links above.

Recordings will be posted with the minutes within seven (7) days of a meeting.


Council Highlights

Council Highlights – May 23, 2023 

Mayor Law dedicated his Mayor’s Report to George Hubert, who previously served close to four decades as an employee with the District of Tofino.

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Council Highlights – May 9, 2023 

Mayor Law began his report by calling on Alistair Reynolds to take to the lectern so that he could be awarded with the 2023 Volunteer Recognition Award.

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Council Highlights – January 24, 2023 

The Mayor began his report by speaking about a meeting he had with the new Executive Director of Tourism Tofino, Brad Parsell, and encouraged the public to reach out to Mr. Parsell and introduce themselves.

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