Council Highlights – Nov 23, 2021

Posted: November 26, 2021

Meeting Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Mayor's Report

Mayor Law spoke to the Remembrance Day ceremony, attended by Acting Mayor Tom Stere due to Mayor Law's absence.

Mayor Law presented Trish Dixon with a Certificate of Recognition for 10 years with the District of Tofino.

Mayor Law also made a correction to statements made during the delegation presentation of the November 9, 2021 regular Council meeting regarding the municipality of Jasper and a 1% fee program collected for the town.

Agenda Items


Rachel Sutton, Slack Tide Inn (1430 Pacific Rim Highway) gave a verbal presentation regarding her Temporary-Use Permit application.

Presentation and Reports

Business License Regulation Amendment Bylaw

The proposed bylaw amendment was read a first, second and third time. The bylaw amendment updates the fee schedule for business licenses, with the exception of the Class 9-1 which was updated in 2018. The proposed fees will be reflected in the 2022-2026 budget process.

Housing Agreement (Crabapple Campground)

The Housing Agreement was read a first, second and third time. The agreement is a condition for the Temporary-Use Permit granted for a 32-site staff accommodation campground.

Temporary-Use Permit (1430 Pacific Rim Highway)

Council denied a Temporary-Use Permit application for Slack Tide Inn and recommended the property revert to the RA2 zoning established for that property.

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