King Tides & Big Swell

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Posted: Jan 19, 2023      |      By: Corporate Services

King Tides & Big Swell

Posted: Jan 19, 2023   |   By: Corporate Services

King Tides and Coastal Hazards

Very high waves and swell for West Vancouver Island on Saturday.

The region will be experiencing extreme high tides during mid-day throughout the January 21st to 23rd period. Maximum high tide will be 3.7 meters (12.1') taking place mid-day on Saturday.

Stay well back from the water's edge and be alert for exceptionally high waves. Higher than normal water run-up is expected on beaches and low-lying shoreline.

Keep away from large logs on the beach. Water running up on the beach can easily lift or roll logs which can injure someone caught in their path.

Learn more about coastal hazards at

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