Multi-Use Path Upgrades: Olsen Road to Gibson Street

April 1, 2022

MUP Upgrades Rider

Upgrades to Tofino’s Multi-Use Path (MUP) between Olsen Road and Gibson Street will begin in mid-April 2022. The upgrades are anticipated to be complete within an 8-week construction period.


What is happening?

The redevelopment of Tofino’s MUP from Olsen Road to Gibson Street will see the completion of badly needed infrastructure and safety improvements through the construction of 430 lineal metres of separated, multi-use path as well as the construction of a multi-modal transportation node. This will include a transit stop and associated public realm amenities to support both the Tofino Free Summer Shuttle as well as the new incoming regional BC Transit service, bicycle parking, a limited number of on-street parking spaces, as well as conflict paint at driveway crossings.

Posted on: Apr 1, 2022