Open Letter to the Community

Posted: Jul 9, 2021      |      By: Webmaster

Open Letter to the Community Regarding Child Care in Tofino

I want to thank all members of the community who have shared their comments, experiences and frustrations regarding recent disruptions at the Community Children's Centre.

I assure you all that District staff, Council, and I take the lack of available childcare in Tofino very seriously.

We understand the stress and uncertainty short notice closures and staff shortages have caused for parents and families who rely on this essential service. We are taking steps to address both immediate and long term needs.

In the short term, The DoT is actively hiring for multiple positions in order to ensure the Community Children's Centre meets the licensing ratios required to resume full operational hours as soon as possible. These job postings have been advertised at multiple ECE granting educational institutions, regional employment centres, ECE BC, and through the District’s website and social media channels. District staff are also directly contacting other appropriate organizations whenever possible.

District staff are also working on long term changes to the Community Children’s Centre administration and delivery.

Actions we are taking:

  1. Developing a training program providing paid education opportunities at the Community Children's Centre as a Responsible Adult. Intended to increase staff retention, this program will provide successful candidate(s) with practical experience in a child care setting while they work to become certified as Early Childhood Educators (ECEs).
  2. Conducting a service level review, including identifying and tracking service standards and adjusting staffing resources and reporting relationships as needed.
  3. Exploring options for cost-effective child care offerings by working collaboratively with community partners to advocate for funding and support from the provincial and federal governments.

I hope that these actions will not only help meet present needs, but will also help ensure a successful and sustainable community child care service for years to come.

I would like to thank parents and families for remaining patient and understanding while District staff work urgently to resolve these issues.


Mayor Dan Law

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