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The Tofino Housing Corporation is a private corporation, owned in full by the District of Tofino. The Board of Directors includes:

  • Duncan McMaster (Chair)
  • Jacky Challenger
  • Al Anderson
  • Bob MacPherson
  • Melody McLorie
  • Cindi Levine
  • Kaye Melliship

The Corporation is currently being managed by Kelly Lin, Executive Director with the support of District of Tofino staff and development consultants.

Our Vision

A safe, secure and affordable place to live is available to all people who call Tofino home.

Our Mission

To facilitate development and operation of below market housing in Tofino.

Strategic Plan

The 2021 - 2023 Strategic Plan outlines the four focus areas of the Tofino Housing Corporation: Housing Development, Funding, Communications and Advocacy, and Organisational Development and strategic priorities and actions required to facilitate the development of 150 below market rental units and 30 Price Restricted Resident Restricted homes i the next 10 years.

Agendas and Minutes

Meetings of the Corporation are not open to the public, but regular updates are provided to Council (see below). Various decisions or recommendations of the Tofino Housing Corporation Board also require Council approval at regular Council meetings.

Financial Statements

The Tofino Housing Corporations financials form part of the District’s audited financial statements, which are signed off by the Financial Officer for the municipality (Nyla Attiana, CPA, CGA).  By signing off and accepting responsibility for the District’s financial statements, the Financial Officer is also signing off and accepting responsibility for the THC’s financials.

THC’s monthly bookkeeping, quarterly reports and year end financials are prepared by R. Anderson and Associates. Smythe CPA, the District of Tofino’s audit firm, has prepared the tax filings for since the Corporation was restored in 2017. They also conducted a Review Engagement for the years 2019 and 2020.

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